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Rules for choosing directory submission sites

Proper planning must be done when you are creating back links for search engine optimization. Indiscriminate posting on sites which are not worthy enough will do you no good; instead, it might hamper your efforts at getting a high rank, and all your investment and efforts may go in vain. There are many sites, which allow spammers to post irrelevant and unauthorized links. These sites are looked down upon by the search engines, like Google, as they create misleading links for the viewers. There are some qualities that must always be present in the submission site that you are using for search engine optimization.

The first factor is that the site must be respected by the search engines. There must be no spamming on the site, and it must allow only genuine, authorized back links. Using a reputed site will make sure that your account is recognized by search engines as valid, and the links that you create will be considered for search engine result page ranking.

Another factor which must be considered is page rank, or PR. A site that has high PR must be preferred over a site with a low PR, since page ranks play an important role in determining the results that the submission directory will yield. A reputed platform with high PR is and this site can be used safely by the search engine managers.

Another important factor is that the theme that the directories deal with. Sites from the same niche domain will certainly give better outcome, as the search engines will understand that the links are being created for a specific purpose. Also, when you use two or three sites which have the same domain focus, then the activity will be recognized as a valid effort, aimed towards creating a positive search engine rank. Every top ranking Directory submission site has all these three qualities, of accepting only genuine links, having a high PR and having a focus on a specific genre. Choose the sites carefully and enjoy the results that they reap.